Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program

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Community Action, Inc. of Hays, Caldwell, and Blanco Counties announces the availability of funding for the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (C.E.A.P.) provided by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. Funds are currently available to assist qualified families in Hays, Caldwell, and Blanco Counties with their electric, butane, propane, and natural gas bills. Monies are also available to help eligible families replace, retrofit, or repair household heating and cooling systems.

Community Action, Inc. assigns priority to households with the least income and the greatest energy costs when qualifying families for C.E.A.P. Priority is also given to individuals 60 years and over, persons with disabilities, and families with children six years of age and under.

Community Action, Inc. is currently accepting applications. Interested persons may apply for services at the location nearest to
to the area in which you live.

Information required to process an applicationincludes a picture I.D., proof of income for all who live in the household who are 18 years of age or older, a 12 month history of utility usage from the electric and/or gas company, and a current utility bill. Interested persons are asked to apply early for services and not to wait until they receive a disconnection notice.


Community Action Inc., of Hays, Caldwell and Blanco Counties
Case Manager: Frank Cantu (512) 878-2542 ext. 33
Utility Assistance:
- must be at or below 200% of Federal Poverty Income Guidelines
- Priority groups include the elderly and disabled
- Assistance includes payment of electric, gas and propane bills; repair or replacement of inefficient heating and cooling appliances and case management activities.
- Application for assistance are required and are accepted Jan-Dec.

PEC Assistance
- Funded by PEC for PEC Customers only
- No pre-established income eligibility
- Assistance includes payment of electric usage only
- Maximum assistance of $500/household

Combined Community Action, Inc.
Weatherization Assistance Program
Contact: Kelly Frank @ 1-800-688-9065
- Provide financial assistance for weatherization costs.
- Costs will vary based on the condition of your home
- Only structurally sound homes are qualified
- Not a rehab program and does not address cosmetic improvements

For more information, visit Community Action home page at