Advisory Redistricting Committee

Committee meets following the census (every 10 years) counts.  The committee works in an advisory capacity to draw voting districts for the City of Kyle to be approved by City Council.


Committee Member Email Phone Term
Bob Barton bob [at] haysfreepress [dot] com (512) 262-1110 7/2011
Ray Bryant rbryant13 [at] austin [dot] rr [dot] com (rbryant13 [at] austin [dot] rr [dot] com ) (512) 484-8983 7/2011
Glen Whitaker (512) 262-1816 7/2011
Cecilia Peche sigkap258 [at] yahoo [dot] com (956) 533-6057 7/2011
James Adkins jadkins10 [at] austin [dot] rr [dot] com (jadkins10 [at] austin [dot] rr [dot] com ) (512) 262-2313 7/2011
Andrea Cunningham ac1820 [at] txstate [dot] edu (512) 680-2805 7/2011
Christie Smith chencho [at] vasquezrealty [dot] com 7/2011