Board of Adjustments/Sign Control Board

Is responsible for hearing and determining appeals regarding the refusal of building permits, appeals resulting from administrative decisions and can permit an exception to, or variation from, the zoning regulations. The Board of Adjustments meets the first Wednesday of each month. Meetings are at the Kyle City Hall and typically start at 6:30 pm unless otherwise stated on the agenda

**Board Member term limits are unexpired.

The Board of Adjustment/Sign Control Board is seeking volunteers for board positions. For an online application follow this link:


Board Member Email Phone Number Date Appointed
Terri Thompson kipeci [at] austin [dot] rr [dot] com (512) 262-7936 6/2012
Paul Terry paulwterry [at] earthlink [dot] net (512) 268-0943 6/2012
Matt Janysek mattjanysek [at] hotmail [dot] com (512) 828-9145 6/2013
Innoncencio Vazquez Alternate chencho [at] vasquezreality [dot] net (512) 656-9024 11/2012
Edgar Rodriguez Alternate rdz [dot] edgar [at] gmail [dot] com (512) 418-6110 11/2012
Staff Support    
Howard J. Koontz -  Board of Adjustments  Director of Planning hkoontz [at] cityofkyle [dot] com (512) 292-3925
Mario Perez            Sign Control Board      Building Official mperez [at] cityofkyle [dot] com (512) 262-3918