Boards and Commissions

If you would like to volunteer for a board or commission, please submit a Volunteer Application Form.

Board of Adjustments/Sign Control Board

Is responsible for hearing and determining appeals regarding the refusal of building permits, appeals resulting from administrative decisions and can permit an exception to, or variation from, the zoning regulations. The Board of Adjustments meets the first Wednesday of each month.

Train Depot Board

The Train Depot Board is established by City ordinance and serves in an advisory capacity to the Kyle City Council on all issues involving the City's historic train depot.

The Library Board

The Library Board hall be responsible for providing the city council and the director with advice and recommendations on all policies, rules, and regulations relating to the administration of the library program and operations.  The Library Board shall have the power to develop and propose to the city council rules and regulations for the proper conduct of the library.

Civil Service Commission

The local government code Chapter 143 is to secure efficient police departments composed of capable personnel who are free from political influence and who have permanent employment tenure as public servants.

Ethics Commission

For the purpose of promoting confidence in the government of the City of Kyle. The code establishes standards of conduct, disclosure requirements, and enforcement mechanisms related to city officials and employees and others whose action inevitably affect public faith in city government.

Planning & Zoning Commission

Approves or disapproves plats of proposed subdivisions; reviews and makes recommendations on the zoning of land;  drafts rules and regulations governing platting and subdividing of land and recommends them to the city council for adoption;  drafts rules and regulations regarding zoning; helps to amend the comprehensive plan for the physical development of the city and recommends the comprehensive plan to the council for approval.