Charter Review Committee

In accordance with the current City of Kyle Charter, the city council has appointed a Charter Review Commission to make recommendations regarding changes to our City Charter. Any recommendations must be approved by the city council prior to being placed on a ballot for voter approval.


What is a City Charter?

Beginning in 1913, the Texas state legislature has required each city with a population of more than 5,000 to file certified copies of their city charters and amendments to charters with the Texas Secretary of State. City charters serve as the official record of the creation or incorporation of a city, defining its boundaries and its form of government. Amendments to city charters certify changes to the terms of those charters. The Statutory Documents Section records the charters of home rule cities and files amendments of charters of incorporated towns and villages. These records consist of home rule city charters and amendments to city charters filed with the Texas Secretary of State, 1913-2004. Correspondence to and from the office of the Secretary of State (including certification) is contained in the files, as well as ordinances, resolutions, council minutes, court orders, city election returns, maps, etc.

More on City Charters in Texas

Current City of Kyle Charter



Committee Member Email Phone Number Date Appointed
Pete Krug ppk [at] verizon [dot] net (512) 262-2205 9/2010
Mark LeMense mard [dot] d [dot] lemense [at] gmail [dot] com (817) 939-8891 4/2010
Rhonda Cox rhonda [dot] renee [dot] cox [at] gmail [dot] com (512) 262-1488 4/2010
Nancy Fahy nkfahy [at] hotmail [dot] com (512) 268-5866 4/2010
Abel Tenorio (512)  268-9301 4/2010
Cale Baese cale [at] baese [dot] net (512) 826-8437 4/2010



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