City Council Committees

The Kyle City Council depends on citizen involvement and input in order to made policy decisions for the city. Serving on one of these committees is also a great way to be involved in your community. Fill out the online form to submit your application.

A list of the committees and their descriptions are outlined below. Anyone requesting to be considered for appointment to these committees must complete an application and submit it to the Mayor. The committees shall function in an advisory capacity only to the City Council, and in such advisory capacity shall have the responsibilities and duties as outlined below, as well as any other functions and duties assigned by the City Council.

If you would like to volunteer for a committee, please submit a Volunteer Application Form.

Community Relations Committee

To coordinate and promote the exchange of information related to neighborhood and community issues; to provide information regarding City and community services; to study and recommend options for addressing neighborhood and community issues; to facilitate recognition of members of the community.

Economic Development and Tourism Committee

To study and recommend options for the promotion of tourism and economic development; communicate/coordinate with city staff.

Kyle Area Youth Advisory Council

The Kyle Area Youth Advisory Council (KAYAC) is a committee comprised of Kyle area high school students from ninth to twelfth grade.  KAYAC gives students the opportunity to hear City business items and then advise the Kyle City Council from their unique perspective.

Long Range Planning Committee

The Committee shall serve as an advisory committee to the Planning and Zoning Commission and shall perform the duties and functions set forth in this subdivision and perform any other, special or additional duties now or hereafter specified by the City Council.

Mobility Committee

To study and recommend options for improvement of roads, mass transportation, and mobility and participation in CAPMetro opportunities.

Parks and Recreation Committee

To provide the Parks and Recreation Director with advice and recommendations on all policies, rules, and regulations relating to public parks and recreation programs. (See additional description in ordinance.)

Public Works & Service Committee

To study, inform/educate the public about, and recommend options related to community service programs, organizations, and facilities including, but not limited to, the Library, seniors programs, and Meals on Wheels.

Pie Festival Committee

To study and recommend options for the City of Kyle Pie Festival.

Safety and Emergency Services Committee

To study and recommend options for emergency procedures and management and the promotion of the public safety.

Strategic Planning and Finance Committee

To study and recommend options for strategic planning and goal-setting; to assist in coordinating efforts to implement City goals;and to recommend issues for in-depth study by the other committees.