Road Bond Information and Status Updates

Kyle 2013 Road Bond Program

Updated July 2, 2016:  The city council approved the issuance of the remaining General Obligation Bonds authorized by voters in the May 2013 bond election and funds will soon be available to cover remaining engineering and future construction costs for the five road projects funded by the bonds. The first construction projects should start later this year depending on right of way acquisition and utility clearances for each road.

The recently updated property tax impact of debt service payments on the  remaining $30.48 million of the total $36 million dollar road bond package is estimated to range between $0.1000 to $0.1400 per $100 of taxable assessed valuation.  It should be noted that the revised property tax rate impact is an estimate and that a number of variables will determine the actual impact including but not limited to the timing of bond sale, interest rates, credit rating, repayment structure, tax base valuation, project schedule, and final costs. Based on the various growth assumption scenarios used at the time, the initial or preliminary estimate of how the debt service payments on the $36 million road bonds would impact property taxes ranged from $0.0523 to $0.2075 per $100 of taxable assessed valuation.

The projected schedule for the beginning of the construction phase of each project is listed below. The roads were originally planned to begin construction over five years to spread out the bond debt. The construction schedule has been updated in order to take advantage of current low interest rates on the bonds and to avoid the continuing increase being experienced for construction labor and materials. The updated schedule to begin construction of each road is:

  • Marketplace Avenue - September, 2015 (should be complete by May 23, 2016)
  • Goforth Road - April, 2016 (under construction)
  • Bunton Creek Road - October, 2016
  • N. Burleson Street - December, 2016
  • Lehman Road - March, 2017

Information about each individual road is available below. 

You can also view real time updates by clicking on our Road bond Gantt chart.


N. Burleson ($9.2 M estimated)

A two-lane reconstruction from Miller to Lockhart, the roadway will be widened to three lanes from Lockhart to the new Marketplace extension with sidewalk gaps completed on the west side of the roadway, and a three lane new location construction extension to IH-35 southbound frontage road. Construction slated to begin November 2016 and is expected to take about 18 months to complete. Read more...


Bunton Creek ($3.8 M estimated)

Plans were submitted in November 2015 to fully reconstruct the majority of Bunton Creek Road from the IH-35 E. Frontage Road to approximately 0.25 miles West of Lehman Road. The existing roadway’s surface from 0.25 Miles West of Lehman to Lehman will be restored with hot mix leveling and an overlay. Several water and waste water improvements are proposed for inclusion in the roadway plans. Read more...


Goforth ($6.6M estimated)

The final plan for this road was submitted Dec. 18, 2015. The city is closing on one parcel of land with Hays CISD. Utility providers are working on their respective plans for relocation. The proposed roadway improvements will facilitate the movement of traffic through the Susie Fuentes Elementary School and adjacent subdivisions. The contract was let out for bid in January, 2016. Construction is estimated to begin in April and will last about 10 months. Read more...


Lehman ($6.1M estimated)

The majority of the existing roadway will be fully reconstructed to a two lane facility with additional left turn lane(s) added at cross streets, RR 150, and Lehman High School (four lanes) to facilitate the movement of traffic through Lehman road. The existing low water crossings will be improved minimizing any future road closures as the road will sit approximately fifteen feet higher from what it does today at Lake Kyle Park. Construction estimated to begin in March 2017 and last about 15 months. Read more...


Marketplace Ave ($3.7 M estimated)

This project let August 11, 2015. The city received four bids. The lowest and most responsible bid of $3,798,891.00 was submitted by Capital Excavation Company of Buda, Texas. Construction began September 8, 2015, and will take approximately 300 days to complete. As of early April 2016, the work is about 95 percent complete. Read more...


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Marketplace Ave. extension groundbreaking