Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone No. 1

Background Information:
The purpose of the Tax Increment Refinancing Zone No. 1 was established by the Kyle City Council by adopting City Ordinance No. 457 on November 16, 2004. Here are some highlights from the Ordinance:

• The finding for the Ordinance states " the City Council finds and declares that the creation of the Zone will significantly enhance the value of all the taxable real property in the Zone and will be of general benefit to the City."

• Duration of the Zone took effect on November 2, 2004 and termination occurs on December 31, 2035 or earlier time designated by subsequent Ordinance.

• A 5-member Board of Directors governs the TIRZ; 4 appointed by City Council and 1 by the Hays County.

• Hays County has assigned its 1 Board seat to the City for appointment .

• Each Board member must be a qualified voter of the City or a person at least 18
years of age who owns property within the boundaries of TIRZ 1.

• Regular Board meetings shall be held at such times and places as shall be
designated, from time to time, by resolution of the Board.

• A majority of the directors fixed by the Ordinance constitutes a quorum for Board

Board Membership:
Current Board members on record are:

• Lucy Johnson, Mayor 

• James Earp, Assistant City Manager 

• Andy Alejandro, Staff Accountant

Establishing City Ordinance:
A copy of City Ordinance No. 457 which established the Tax Increment Refinancing Zone No. 1 in Kyle, Texas is attached.