Kyle City Council Approves Budget for 2014-2015

City of Kyle Texas Official Website

The Kyle City Council approved the City’s operating budget for Fiscal-Year 2014-2015 at their special called meeting on Wednesday, September 3rd. The $54.8 million dollar budget includes funding for a variety of new programs and services aimed at enhancing public safety and quality of life services for Kyle’s residents. The budget also reduces the property tax assessment rate by $0.01 per $100 of assessed valuation and maintains all other rates, fees and charges at their current levels.

"This budget reflects a significant investment into our community and redirects our taxpayers’ dollars directly into improved services and enhanced public safety for our residents," said Kyle Mayor Todd Webster. "We recognize that this money belongs to our taxpayers and we are committed to using it wisely and for the betterment of our city."

The property tax assessment rate for next year’s budget was set at $0.5383 per $100 of assessed valuation, a $0.0100 reduction from the current rate of $0.5483.

Highlights of the budget include the addition of 3 new police officer positions, two new administrative police department positions, converting a part-time animal control position to full-time, the addition of a three-person street maintenance crew, $500,000 for street maintenance, and three full-time library positions. The budget also includes support costs for all the new positions, funding for an Economic Development Strategic Plan update, and technology improvements for the City’s Municipal Court. City staff will also receive a 3.5% cost of living wage adjustment.

City of Kyle Parks and Recreation Department will receive $395,000 for park improvements. These improvements include the installation of shade covers over playscapes at Lake Kyle, Waterleaf and Steeplechase parks, and irrigation of ball fields at Waterleaf, Steeplechase and Gregg-Clarke parks.

Also added to the budget for next year is funding to revive two of Kyle’s most popular community programs. The Easter Eggstravaganza and Kyle Market days received funding and will be added to the City’s event calendar.

Funding for the continuation of the Road Bond Program and the Southside Wastewater Line is included as well as funding for various engineering projects to improve the City’s water and wastewater infrastructure.     

The budget goals used to frame this budget were developed during a council retreat held on July 12th. The resulting goals are outlined below:

  • Enhanced programs and service delivery to Kyle homeowners, residents, and businesses
  • No increase in property tax rate
  • No increase in water and wastewater service rates
  • No increase in other fees and charges for City services
  • Priority based investments for public safety and quality of life services including police, water and wastewater systems, streets, parks, library, economic development, and infrastructure maintenance
  • Investment in the City's workforce

            The City continues to enjoy the benefits of both residential and commercial growth. Total certified property valuations net of exemptions for 2014 came in at $1,675,128,104, including $58,936,188 from new improvements and $3,315,176 from newly annexed properties.  The total net change in 2014 certified valuation for properties within the City of Kyle is $141,061,896 or 9.2 percent increase as compared to the 2013 certified property valuation.

Continued growth in the commercial sector also resulted in improved sales tax collection. Sales tax revenue for Fiscal-Year 2014-15 is projected at $5,171,500, or 19.85% over the current year’s budgeted sales tax collection.

The City’s water and wastewater utility’s rates will also remain unchanged for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.