Civil Service Commission


Purpose: The local government code Chapter 143 is to secure efficient police departments composed of capable personnel who are free from political influence and who have permanent employment tenure as public servants.

The members of the Police Officers' Civil Service Commission shall administer this chapter in accordance with this purpose.

The commission consists of three members appointed by the City Manager and confirmed by the governing body of the municipality, the City Council.

A person appointed to the commission must:
(1) be of good moral character;
(2) be a United States citizen;
(3) be a resident of the municipality who has resided in the municipality for more than three years;
(4) be over 25 years of age; and
(5) not have held a public office within the preceding three years.

The Civil Service Commission meets as needed to address the following:
• Each January, the members elect a chairman and a vice-chair
• Amendments on the Civil Services Rules and Regulations
• Investigation and Inspections
• Commission Appeal Procedure
• Appeal of Disciplinary Suspension/Demotions
• Approval of beginning positions and promotional examinations notice
• Review and Appeal of Promotional Examination