Construction Progress Report Week Ending September 2, 2011

City of Kyle Texas Official Website

This is the current construction report for the new Kyle Public Library. Please feel free to view the slide show of the latest and greatest pictures of the new library. Also, the complete construction report can be accessed by selecting the link under "Supporting Documents." Please note the following:

A. Work Performed This Week:

  •   Continued security and data rough-in
  •   Continued masonry (punch and clean up)
  •   Continued painting
  •   Completed ceiling grid
  •   Completed Plaza trellis
  •   Continued irrigation and top soil
  •   Completed interior doors
  •   Working on building canopies

B.  Work Scheduled For The Next Two Weeks:

  •  Complete canopies
  •   Start site concrete in Plaz
  •   Start paving parking lo
  •   Start landscape

C. Pending Items Needed from Owner:

  •   None at this time

D. Long Lead Time Items:

  •   None at this time

E. Other Items or Concerns:

  •   None at this time

F. Progress Photos:

  •    See Below

Click any thumbnail image to view a slideshow

Flag pole is set and the trellises are complete. Ready to start the wood soffit Light poles in the parking lot are installedForming the sidewalk on the north sideInstalling the wood slats at the Teen Wall