Public Computers and Print Outs


The library has about 40 public computers with Internet access. We also have free WiFi.

To use the public computers at the library you will need a library card or a guest pass. Guest passes are available at the circulation desk for a fee of $1.00. If a computer is available, you simply enter your library card number or guest pass code and a pin/password to gain access.

If no computers are available, enter your library card or guest pass number at the Reservation Computer which is located next to the on-line catalog computer on the circulation desk. You will receive the first computer that becomes available.

ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT LOG OFF THE COMPUTERS. We kindly ask that you select “end session” from the menu on the lower left side of the screen to end your session on the Windows Computers. If you’re using a Mac, this menu is located at the top left side of the screen.

The computers automatically shut down ten minutes before closing time.


15 Minute Computers

There are six 15 minute computers located near the circulation desk. These computers will only allow you 15 minutes of time, and then you will be logged off. These computers are for quick access for printing out items, or accessing your email. The user Id for these computers is "Guest." These computers are free for anyone who does not have a KPL card. The time may not be extended on these computers.

Other Computers (PCs and Macs)

You are allowed one hour of computer time on these computers, and you may extend your time for several hours unless other patrons are waiting for a computer. You will received a warning when 10 minutes remain for your session. When 5 minutes remain you may extend your time for another 30 minutes.       

Closing Time

The computers generally shutdown 10 minutes before closing time. However, due to minor variations in the times on some computers, some computers may shut down a few minutes earlier. When the 15 minute closing announcement is made, you should save your work and do any final printouts.


All printouts are picked up at the two computers facing the DVDs at the Circulation Desk. The printouts are released by a staff member. When you request your printouts, please give us your computer number, or library card number, or guest pass number. This makes it much easier for us to correctly identify your  printouts.

This is just a reminder that black and white printouts are 15¢, and color printouts are 65¢.