Board of Adjustment

Purpose: Conducts hearings regarding variances to the Zoning Ordinance, including variances from masonry, building height, building setback, and landscaping requirements. Hears requests and renders decisions regarding special exceptions when applicants propose to expand non-conforming uses. Hears and renders decisions regarding appeals of decisions or interpretations of the Building Official.

The Board shall exercise the following powers pursuant to Section 10.08 of the City Charter:

Hear and determine appeals from the refusal of building permits, appeals resulting from administrative decisions and to permit an authorized exception to or variation from the zoning regulations. Members of such board shall hold no other city office and no former member of the council shall serve as a member of the board of adjustment until one (1) year after completion of his or her council term.

Membership: Composed of five members.


Paul Terry, Chair

Matt Janysek

Terri Thompson

Edgar Rodriguez (Alternate)

Inocencio Vasquez (Alternate)