Long Range Planning Committee

The Committee shall serve as an advisory committee to the Planning and Zoning Commission and shall perform the duties and functions set forth in this subdivision and perform any other, special or additional duties now or hereafter specified by the City Council.

The Committee shall have the following duties:

(a) Make recommendations to the Commission regarding the implementation of the comprehensive plan consistent with the vision and policies set forth in the comprehensive plan, as amended form time to time, and otherwise established by the City Council.

(b) Evaluate the characteristics of the land annexed into the City and make recommendations on placement of such plan into the zoning districts or land use categories set forth in the comprehensive plan.

(c) Review and make recommendations on particular aspects of the comprehensive plan, including implementation and amendment of the plan, assigned by the Commission.

(d) Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the City Council.

Membership: Composed of eleven members

Location:  Kyle City Hall,  100 W. Center Street


Committee Member Email Phone Number Appointed Term
Lila Knight lilaknight [at] verizon [dot] net (512) 268-0729 4/5/11 - 9/30/16
Kyle Toomire kyle [at] thejourneyumc [dot] org (512) 796-5703 4/5/11 - 9/30/16
Kay Rush krush [at] txfleetfuel [dot] com (512) 262-0527 4/5/11 - 9/30/16
Susan Meckel susanmeckl [at] aol [dot] com (512) 312-9910 4/5/11 - 9/30/16
Dennis Rose rosedennisv [at] hotmail [dot] com (512) 268-4212 4/5/11 - 9/30/16
Jerry Kolacny jerrykkyle [at] verizon [dot] net (512) 268-0378 4/5/11 - 9/30/16

Pat Fernandez

pat [at] hart-properties [dot] com (512) 665-1120  
William Atkinson williamatkinson86 [at] gmail [dot] com (817) 455-5810 1/21/14 - 9/30/19
Amy DeFillipi lovinlife0724 [at] aim [dot] com (809) 607-1607  
Jerry D. Luttrell jlluttrell [at] austin [dot] rr [dot] com (512) 504-3531  
Vacant, P&Z Commission Liaison     12/17/13 - 9/30/18
Staff Support      
Vacant   (512) 262-3925  
Debbie Guerra             Planning Technician dguerra [at] cityofkyle [dot] com (512) 262-3959