Kyle Police Department Adds Motor Cycle Units

Kyle PD Motorcycle Units

     The City of Kyle announced this week the addition of two Police Motorcycle Units to the department’s patrol fleet.

The units will work Monday through Saturday during daylight hours and will be responsible for traffic enforcement, accident investigation, and will assist with major crimes in progress until other units secure the situation.

     The units will also address complaints in residential neighborhoods, school zones, major highways, and at other locations as needed to address safety concerns. They have also attended several community functions to promote traffic and pedestrian safety. 

     “We are very excited to offer this additional coverage for the citizens of Kyle,” said Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett who is also a Certified Motor Officer. “The motorcycle units will be able to respond quickly to fast breaking situations and will be able to also focus on traffic control in our neighborhoods.”

     Two Kyle police officers, Officer David Saenz (a three year veteran of KPD) and Officer Dago Pates (a 4 year veteran of KPD), have been trained and certified as Motor Officers and are now assigned to the Traffic Unit under the direction of Sgt. Patsy Oaks. 

     The Certified Motor Officers training is a rigorous two-week certification course designed to teach the officers proper use of the motor cycle units as well as unique police tactics that are best suited for the units. The training class was a rigorous two-week course offered in Cedar Park and sponsored by the Cedar Park Police Department. 

     “The Kyle City Council is committed to enhancing our public safety programs,” said Kyle Mayor Lucy Johnson. “These motor cycle units will be able focus on concerns in our neighborhoods and respond quickly when needed. Just knowing that these officers are out there should provide an additional deterrent for criminals and an incentive for drivers to be more mindful of our speed limits.”

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Kyle PD Motorcycle Units
Kyle PD Motorcycle Units