Kyle Police Department Records Division


   The Records Division at the Kyle Police Department is the nucleus of information. The Records Division is staffed with two (2) full time Records Specialists. The Records Office is staffed Monday through Friday 8 AM – 5 PM. The Records Division maintains the record files at the Police Department by processing and filing the necessary paperwork. Many times they are the first and last contact for victims of crimes and the general public. They maintain working relationships with other Law Enforcement Agencies as well as the City and District Attorneys Offices.

   The Records Division is in charge of processing all Open Records Requests/Freedom of Information Requests.  They also process all animal registrations, solicitor permits, background checks, interagency requests, as well as all District and City Attorney requests. The Records Division answers all incoming calls for the administrative phone lines as well as answers all emails sent to the general Police email account and mans the front office windows for all walk in request for service. They are the administrative support for the entire police department to include the Chief of Police, Captain, and Sergeants. The records division provides general non emergency information to citizens’ inquiries.

The Records Specialists receive multiple training hours over the Open Records Act and Freedom of Information Act. In order to protect the innocence of the accused many records are not available for immediate release due to laws concerning the privacy of the information. The Record Specialist work with the City Attorney on determining which records should be withheld from the public until the cases are complete of all judicial appeals. Those records which the Records Specialist determine need to be withheld must be submitted to the Texas Attorney Generals Office for their opinion on whether the Kyle Police Department has grounds to withhold the information. Once a record has been released to the public it then is considered open and is available to anyone who requests it. In most cases general information is available and public upon request.

How to file an Open Records/Freedom of Information Request:

All requests must be submitted in writing.

There are five (5) ways to submit a request
Mail: Kyle Police Department PO Box 40 Kyle, Texas 78640
Email: kylepd [at] cityofkyle [dot] com
Fax: 512-268-2330
Online: Open Records Request
In Person: 111 N Front St., Kyle, Texas 78640 M-F 8A – 5P