Vacation Watch Program

Vacation Watch Program

In the battle against crime, the Kyle Police force is strengthened as we rely on the eyes and ears of over 28,000 citizens within our community.  The Kyle Police Department maintains a calm, peaceful, but ever-growing city.  You can help by following these simple steps to discourage thieves from making you a victim.  If you are going to be out of town, complete the Vacation Watch Request Form and we will check your residence or business while you are away.

The Kyle Police Department asks that you follow these simple steps to protect your property from thieves:


  • Keep your house locked - Doors & Windows! Preferably dead bolt locks. Be sure your address is visible so the police can find you quickly.
  • Submit the Vacation Watch Request Form at the bottom of the page if you are going to be away from home for a few days. We will check your residence or business for up to ten (10) consecutive days.
  • Keep your Cars locked. Don't leave items visible from windows. Computers, VCR's, cameras, purses etc.
  • Be wary of salespeople who call to solicit business. Never give credit card numbers, phone card or social security numbers over the phone.
  • Engrave Drivers license numbers on all valuables.  Better yet copy down serial numbers on computers, TV's, Video cameras etc.  If you have no serial numbers the police have no way to enter stolen items into the TCIC/NCIC system.
  • Have an alarm installed even if you choose not to have it monitored. Burglars will not stay if an alarm is going off.
  • Stop all deliveries or arrange for a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail, newspapers, and packages.
  • Have a neighbor place garbage cans at the curb on your normal pickup day and return them after the garbage pickup is made.
  • Plug in timers to turn lights and a radio (talk show) or television, on and off, at the appropriate times. Have several throughout the house.
  • Turn the bell or ringer on your telephone down low.  If a burglar is around, he/she won’t be alerted to your absence by a ringing telephone.
  • If you have call forwarding on your telephone, forward your calls to a trusted friend or relative.
  • Let your neighbors know when you will be gone.  Have them call the police if there is any suspicious activity.
  • Ask a neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway.

Additional crime prevention tips:

  • Carry your purse securely against your body and not hanging loosely.
  • Park your car in well-lighted areas and go shopping with someone else.  There is safety in numbers.
  • Be watchful and alert during your daily routines. Keep an eye out for possible problems.
  • Call the police if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood.  No call to the police is unimportant.  Don't think you are being overly cautious.  Call us at 268-3232 to make sure, or in the event of an emergency, call 911.
  • Take note of cars or trucks and copy down license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions as well as descriptions of individuals.  What type and color of shirt, coat, pants, race, height etc.  Call Kyle Police Department at 268-3232.
  • Keep trees and bushes around your home neatly trimmed with plenty of open space so would-be burglars can't use the foliage for cover.
  • Don't put house keys under the mat or over the door where burglars might look.
  • Don't open the door to strangers.  If you can't see who it is don't answer the door.
  • Put up your bicycles, ladders, lawn movers etc.  Don't tempt a burglar or be an easy mark.
  • Start a neighborhood watch program in your area but always call the police instead of handling potentially dangerous situations yourself.
  • Remember the police cannot help if they don't know.  Don't be afraid to call.  You are the eyes and ears of the police.  The police cannot do it alone.
  • Keep your door locked even when you are at home.
  • Don't make it easy for a criminal to invade your home.  If burglars can hear noise in the house they will probably pass you by.  Keep a stereo, TV or radio on even when you are not at home.
  • Keep your garage door locked.  Many burglars will make entry through your garage.
  • Keep your fence locked with a pad lock when you are away.  Many burglars make entry from the rear to conceal their activity.  It may not totally prevent theft but it will sure slow them down.
  • If someone comes to your home to sell magazines or cleaning products and can't produce a signed permit by the Chief of Police call us immediately.  Soliciting without a permit is a violation of our soliciting ordinance.  Burglars also use this method of identifying unoccupied homes.
  • Don't carry a large amount of cash.  Criminals frequent department stores; grocery stores etc. to spot people with cash and follow you into the parking lot.  Don't flash cash!
  • When buying gift cards always request a card from behind the counter.  Don't buy a gift card off a rack easily accessible to persons.

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