Be Sure to Take Advantage of Kyle's Water Conservation Rebate Program

The City of Kyle is offering a water conservation rebate program designed to encourage water customers to make changes to the homes that reduces the home’s water consumption and in-turn, save the resident and the city money. 

The rebates are being offered for a variety of options for Kyle water customers who would like to reduce their water bill by installing various low flow fixtures throughout their homes. The rebates range from $5 for adding aerators to indoor faucets, to $35 for replacing an existing regular flow shower head with a low flow shower head.

“The City of Kyle has always taken our responsibility to do our part to conserve water very seriously”, said Kyle Mayor Lucy Johnson. “We also understand the importance of being able to supply sufficient water to our water customers to make living and working in Kyle comfortable and affordable. This plan helps us to accomplish both in an efficient and effective manner.”

In order to access the program’s rebates, water customers will need to bring their receipts for the purchase of a qualifying item or items to the Utility Billing department at the Kyle City Hall and fill out a rebate application. City staff will review the application, and if approved, a check will be sent to the resident.

“We designed this program to be easy to use and to have something that anyone can take advantage of,” said James Earp, CPM, Assistant City Manager. “Everyone benefits as our water customers are able to make changes in their home that will save them money on the water they use, and the city saves money by being able to defer the acquisition of new water sources and the building of new water infrastructure.”

The various rebates that are now available are listed below. All rebates are subject to funding availability and may be suspended when all allocated funding is exhausted.

Low Flow Rebates

• The City of Kyle will offer up to a $35 rebate per low-flow shower head, per household that is installed to replace a regular flow shower head.

• The City of Kyle will offer up to a $15 rebate per toilet, per household for installation of a Dual Flush Conversion Kit that allows the user a choice of a full flush for solids, or a 1⁄2 flush for liquids.

• The City of Kyle will offer up to a $10 rebate per toilet, per household for a toilet tank flapper repair kit.

• The City of Kyle will offer up to a $5 rebate per faucet, per household for faucet aerators added to faucets that did not previously have them.

• The City of Kyle will offer up to a $10 rebate, up to two per household, for a faucet mount sprinkler timer.

The rebates are only available to current water customers who have an active account with the City of Kyle. Only persons who provide a receipt for the purchase of conservation approved items will be eligible for rebate.

The funding for this program is a result of an agreement with the Edwards Aquifer Authority to apply $45,812 that the City was fined for over-pumping during a major water main break in 2011. This agreement allows the City of Kyle to spend the fine amount on water conservation rebates instead of paying to the water authority.

“We’re fortunate to be able to work with the Edwards Aquifer Authority to reach an agreement that benefits our water customers,” said Earp. “The over-pumping on our part was a result of a perfect storm of water supply interruptions during a time when drought restrictions where in place. This is win for everyone and hopefully something we can build on in the future.”