FM 2770 & RM 150 Bike & Sidewalk Project

City of Kyle Texas Official Website

 The FM 2770 and RM 150 Sidewalks and Bicycle Lane Improvements will extend a distance of 1.6 miles consisting of two (2) ‘primary’ segments:

a) one segment will extend 1.0 miles along FM 2770 from the north end of the Hays High School campus to the Fairway Drive/Meadow Woods Drive intersection at its southern limit, and;

b) the second segment will extend 0.6 mile along RM 150 from Silverado Drive at its northern limit to the Center Street/Rebel Road intersection at its southern limit.

The improvements will consist of at least a 4-foot width concrete sidewalk and bicycle lane improvements adjacent to the same side of the roadway. The sidewalk will also meet all ADA standards for accessibility.

The $1 million dollar project is funded entirely by State and Federal funds with construction scheduled to start later this year. The project should be completed in late 2014.