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Who makes up your wastewater department?

The City of Kyle’s Wastewater Department is currently made up of five employees, which consists of four Wastewater Technicians, a Foreman and one Crew Leader. A foreman oversees the daily operations of both the water and wastewater departments.

What does the wastewater department do?

The employees of this department are responsible for operating and maintaining the wastewater collection system. This system includes, lift stations, force mains, various pumps, manholes, and gravity lines. The wastewater crews clean, maintain, and monitor all of these components of the system. In addition, the crews inspect lines and manholes, with video equipment to search for infiltration/inflow. Reducing infiltration/inflow achieves cost savings in treatment and facilitates a more reliable collection system.

What is a lift station?

A lift station pumps wastewater uphill and commonly to a point where it can gravity flow down hill again. A lift station is equipped with pumps, wet wells, and control systems the pumps force the wastewater through a pipe, referred to as a force main. Not all wastewater lines lead to lift stations; some go directly to the wastewater treatment plant because the plant is lower in elevation than the homes it services. This is referred to as gravity flow. We currently have nine lift stations in our collection system and all are monitored on a daily basis.

What are the other components of our wastewater collection system?

The City of Kyle wastewater system has approximately 2,127 manholes and 119 miles of sewer mains, including gravity and force mains.

What do we not put down the drain?

Do not flush "wipes" down your toilet.  While they are marketed to be flushable they create havoc in the collection system and treatment plant. Never pour hazardous household chemicals, like gasoline, oil, paint, or other such chemicals down the drain. Also cooking oils, fats and greases can clog wastewater receiving lines which lead to overflows which can threaten environmental health as well as provide a backup of sewer inside your home. Responding to these backups can be very costly and time consuming. Plastics and clothing materials create similar problems as fats, oils and greases. Your home should be provided with a plastic clean-out, located somewhere along the outer edge of your home. The clean-outs are usually white in color, made of PVC plastic, and have a square nut on the top of the lid. These clean-outs are utilized to access your individual sewer service line. Never bury or allow these clean-outs to be buried. If the lid is damaged or removed, replace with a new lid as soon as possible. This will decrease the chance of a foreign substance entering the line and providing a potential backup. It will also aid in reducing unnecessary rainfall from entering the line (inflow/infiltration) and creating a higher volume of flow that is sent to the plant for treatment.

We are here to serve.

Wastewater Department crews are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week including all holidays. If you need to report wastewater collection system issues, please call our main office at 512-262-3024 or after hours call 512-787-9896 for assistance.






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City of Kyle Texas Official Website
City of Kyle Texas Official Website
City of Kyle Texas Official Website
City of Kyle Texas Official Website