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The City's water department is committed to providing an ample supply of quality water to the citizens, businesses and visitors of Kyle. 


Who makes up your water department?

The City of Kyle’s Water Department is currently made up of 15 employees, which consists of Water Technician’s, Utility Meter Readers, Equipment Operator, SCADA Foreman, Compliance Technician, Foreman and Crew Leader.

How do we maintain water quality?

Daily testing of chlorine residuals as well as collection of numerous bacteriological samples help ensure the integrity and safety of our distribution system. We flush dead end mains monthly and regularly monitor water pressure in the distribution system in an effort to further protect our water quality.

How do we get the water to your home?

Our water distribution system is made up of pump stations, ground storage tanks, elevated storage tanks, and over 125 miles of water mains. Our smallest diameter water main is two inches, and our largest is 16 inches. In addition, we repair numerous water leaks per week and respond to calls from customers regarding potential leaks. Aggressively responding to leaks, or potential leaks helps reduce water loss through the system which saves money and resources thereby reducing cost to our customers.

We currently have six elevated tanks with a storage capacity of 2.2 million gallons. We have eight ground tanks with a storage capacity of 2.6 million gallons.

We are here to serve.

We take pride in providing a safe and reliable supply of water for the citizens of Kyle. Our department crews are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week as well as on all holidays. If you need to report water related issues please call our office at 512-262-3024 or after hours or holidays call 512-787-9896 for assistance.

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City of Kyle Texas Official Website
City of Kyle Texas Official Website