Water Supply Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does our water come from?

We have three unique sources of drinking water to supply our city needs. 

Edwards Aquifer – Groundwater source – Numerous high capacity wells which provided the entire water supply for Kyle for many years.  Currently an active part of our water portfolio, but the smallest as well.

Barton Springs / Edwards Aquifer – Groundwater source – One well in the BSEACD supplying water to the northern part of town.  This is the second largest component of our water supply.

Guadalupe – Blanco River Authority – Surface Water – Water is treated at the San Marcos Water Treatment Plant and piped to us and others along IH35.  The source water is Canyon Lake.  This source makes up the majority of our water supply.

We also have an emergency water supply agreement with the City of San Marcos than can be used if our normal supply is interrupted.

2. Do I need a water softener?

That is entirely a personal preference.  While it is true that water hardness can leave deposits on glasses, dishes and various other surfaces, it does not represent a health hazard.  Some persons choose to install a softener is to address ascetics of the water. Staff cannot recommend any softeners for customers.  The hardness of water varies according to time of year and which sources are being used most.  In general, however our total hardness is around 300 mg/L as CaCO3 on the upper end of the range and 250 mg/L as on the lower end.

3. Do I need a water filter?

Our water supply and distribution system meets or exceeds all state and federal guidelines for safety and health.  A filter is not needed to ensure safe water in your home.  Filters maybe used to remove some taste and odors from water, particularly chlorine odors.  Filters in homes when removing chlorine odor, also remove chlorine from the water.  Chlorine is the disinfectant, which keeps the water safe from bacterial contamination.  Filters service is regularly required to prevent them from degrading the quality of water to the home.