Summer 2010 Co-Ed Champs

Summer Co-Ed (Picture to right)

Champions - Intimidators

2nd Place - Rubber Busters

3rd Place - Hardcore Stomprz

4th Place - Got Balls?

Other Teams:

Balls of Thunder


Kyle Kickers



Health Kickers


Balls N Dolls

New Kicks on Block

Dirt Devils

Smooth Operators

Nuckin' Futs

Summer Women's (Picture in Slide Show)

Champions - Team Dirty

2nd Place - Base Bums

3rd Place - Sweethearts

4th Place - Bad Girls

Other Teams:

Sock it to 'em


Cleats & Cleavage

Diamond Girls


Spring Co-Ed (Picture in Slide Show)

Champions - Kegs & Legs

2nd Place - Rubber Busters

3rd Place - Prayball

4th Place - Intimidators

Other Teams:

Jiminy Kick Its

Hardcore Stomperz

Got Balls?

Lit'l Ball Kickers



Spring Women's (no picture available)

Champions - Showtime

2nd Place - No Boundaries

3rd Place - Another Round

4th Place - Sock it to 'em

Other Teams:

Team Dirty

Base Bums

Bad Gilrs

Cleats & Cleavage

Diamond Girls

Got Ur Ball!


Winter Co-Ed (Picture in Slide Show)

Final Team Standings:

Champions - Alcoballics

2nd Place - Hardcore Stompr'z

3rd Place - Got Balls?

4th Place - Kegs & Legs

Other Teams:

3 Kix to the Wind


Texas Knock Outs


Here for the Beer



Winter Women's (Picture in Slide Show)

Final Team Standings:

Champions - Base Bums

2nd Place - Showtime

3rd Place - Team Dirty

4th Place - Another Round

Other Teams:

Bad News Babes

Sock it to 'Em

Luna Chics

Diamond Girls

Just 4 Kicks


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Women's League   Team Dirty Takes Title
Co-Ed League   Kegs & Legs Win Regular Season
Co-Ed League   Alcoballics Claim Championship
Women's League   Base Bums Claim Championship