2013 Winter Co-Ed League Results:

Competitive Division:                                                            Recreation Division:

1st Place -  Shut Em' Up                                                          1st Place - Ball Barrians

2nd Place - Balls N' Dolls                                                         2nd Place - Just Saying

3rd Place - Hardcore Stomperz                                               3rd Place -  Party Ballers

4th Place - POS Wow                                                              4th Place - Those Guys

5th Place - Pitches Be Crazy                                                   5th Place - Pray Ball


                                  2013 Winter Women's League Results:

Competitive Division:                                                              Recreation Division:

1st Place -   Dirty Swag                                                             1st Place -  Major's Angels

2nd Place -  Another Round                                                       2nd Place - Team Smexy

3rd Place -   Shut Em' Up                                                           3rd Place -  Just For Kicks

4th Place -   Sock It To Em'                                                        4th Place -  Sweethearts

5th Place -   Stacked


                                 2013 Summer Co-Ed League Results:


         Co-Ed Division                                                                 Women's Division

1st Place - Where My Pitches At?                                             1st Place - Pitch Please!                                         

2nd Place - Homecourt Ballers                                                 2nd Place - Shut Em' Up

3rd Place -  Free Ballers                                                          3rd Place - Texas Honey's

4th Place - Outlawz                                                                4th Place - Krazy Pitches

5th Place - Still Kickin'                                                             5th Place - Major Kicks

5th Place - Party Ballers                                                         5th Place - Sock it to Em'

7th Place -  Blade Runners                                                     7th Place - New Kicks on the Block

7th Place - Looking 2 Score

9th Place - FLNB Loan Sharks

9th Place - MC Hammered

9th Place - Just Kickin' It

9th Place - Pitches Get Stitches                             

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Ball Barrians - Co-Ed Rec Champions
Shut Em' Up - Co-Ed Competitive Champions
Dirty Swag - Women's Competitive Champions
Major's Angels - Women's Recreation Champions
Just Saying - Co-Ed Recreational Div. 2nd Place
Balls N Dolls - Co-Ed Competitive Div. 2nd Place
Another Round - Women's Competitive Div. 2nd Place