Camp N' Catch...a double feature

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Lake Kyle Park will host this year's annual Spring Break Movie in the Park, and we have added a little twist... CAMPING and a Double Feature!!!



We will be showing two movies.  First, "The Goonies", then, we will then show the classic film, "Rebel Without a Cause". Come out and set up your tent before the movies begin. 


When: Friday, March 14, 2014

Where: Lake Kyle Park

Free Family Event - No Registration Required


CAMP HOURS:            

No pre-registration required

Tents may be set up starting 5:00pm Fri, March 14th
Campground shall be quiet 12:00 am – 6:00 am

Park gates are closed and locked at 12:00am and will reopen at 6:00am

No leaving park after 12:00am, except for emergency purposes

All tents must be broke down by 2pm Sat, March 15th

All vehicles must be parked on paved lot by 2pm Sat, March 15th



 Fires permitted in fire rings and barbeque pits only**

Campers are encouraged to bring their own firewood, rings, and pits

** If we are in a burn ban during this event, fires will be permitted in City of Kyle pits only**

Gathering of firewood is prohibited



 Vehicles shall stay on marked roadways

Parking allowed in designated areas only.

If grounds are wet, parking will be more limited and a longer walk to the campsite may be required.

Off road and utility vehicles are prohibited. Speed limit is 15mph.



No pets.

No swimming or wading in Lake Kyle.

No Boating/Kayaking.

No glass containers.

No life guard on duty.

Children should be supervised near the water.

No public consumption of alcohol

Kyle Parks and Recreation is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


ON CALL #:                

 If you need staff assistance during the movie or camp out, please call (512) 262-3937.