Facility Rental

Facility Rental

The Kyle Parks Department handles the reservation and rental of many public parks and buildings. These rentals include "Private Rentals" and "Special Event Rentals". Choose the type of rental that you are planning and click the heading to go to that page. (*Some private event reservations require up to two-week notice. Please check with office). Reservations at Kyle Parks Offices, 700 Lehman Rd (Lake Kyle), Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Private Rentals

These uses are closed to the general public, invitees and attendees are picked, chosen or asked to be at this event. Typical Private Uses are birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties and baby showers. There is not an open announcement to the public to attend and there are no admission charges, items for sale or products on display. (*Some of these reservations require up to two-week notice. Please check with office)

Special Event, Public or Commercial Rentals

These are uses that advertise, promote and/or encourage any and all to attend. These uses tend to be commercial or public in nature and the promoter or renter does not know a specific number of guests. These Special Event Rentals require additional information and possible review and approvals before issuance of permits. (*Some Special Event reservations require up to 90-day notice. Please check with office) A Special Event Application is required and the Application can be downloaded from the attachments below. Click here to go to Special Event page.

The City of Kyle rents the Historic Kyle City Hall located at 101 S. Burleson to private individuals.  For more information on rental, contact the City of Kyle Parks and Recreation Department at (512) 262-3939. 

Use of the rooms in the "new" Kyle City Hall located at 100 W. Center are reserved through the Executive Assistant and can be reached by calling (512) 262-3920.

Use of rooms in the Kyle Public Library are reserved through the Library staff and can be reached by calling (512) 268-7411.