Lake Kyle Fish Records & Tournament Results

Lake Kyle Fish Records & Tournament Results

Here are the current records for fish caught at Lake Kyle during official events:

Lake Kyle Fishing Tournament Grand Champions

2014 - Karl Frasier

2013 - Terry Tidwell

2012 - Matt Greene

2011 - Jesus Escamilla

Largest Bass Caught During Tournament

5 lb-7 oz

Joe Gomez (March 24, 2011) picture to right


Most Bass Caught During Tournament

6 Fish

Chris Uhlaender (Oct 9, 2010)


Most Bass Points During Tournament

15 points

Jesus Escamilla (March 24, 2011) and Chris Uhlaender (Oct 9, 2010)


Quickest Bass Caught in Tournament

4 minutes after start

Chuck Koenen (Oct 9, 2010)

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