Lake Kyle Fishing Report & Current Conditions

Fishing Nooks

Fishing Report

August is here and so is the heat.  With warmer weather and full sun comes the need to fish early morning or late afternoon. Fish go deep or stay under cover with the sun right overhead. Work the shaded areas around Nook #2 and #4. Watch the grass near the water... snakes are hiding in grass as short as 2".  

Reports continue to come in that channel catfish being caught in the pier area using shrimp and liver bait, and the live worms are catching plenty of catfish and perch.

If we had to give you a place and technique that works best right now, try this. Go weedless with a long plastic worm with bright tail at the end of a light weight slip shot. Cast with the wind behind you anywhere between the amphitheater and the pier. Cast out deep, use heavy wrist action on the worm to make it full of life, BUT retrieve slow. Our bass like to "slow dance" with bait, so reel slow, stay near the bottom and use twitching action.

Effective September 1, 2014, Lake Kyle is a Catch & Release lake. TPWD regulations found at this link, click here. BE A GOOD SPORT AND PRACTICE CPR WHEN YOU GET A FISH ON. CATCH, PHOTO, RELEASE!

Current Lake Conditions

The lake is full and the water is as clear west of Nook 2. Conditions are as good as they can be for summer time. Tall grass causes a snake concern, as they can hide in grass about 2" tall. Use extreme caution until the ground dries and the grass gets cut.


revised August 21, 2014

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