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Fishing Report

The catfish continue to hit worms, shrimp and stink bait. Bass are hitting on plastic worms and action lures. Find an area with shade or structure and work the lures slowly. The PARD Office's "Lake Kyle Bait Shop" offers worms and stink bait.

What is "Catch rate?" The Kyle PARD has partnered with the TPWD to increase the number of fish you catch each hour. The more you catch, the more fun you have. The more fun you have, the more you will visit Lake Kyle and tell your friends. Our goal is to have an average angler catch 4 fish each hour, which is a catch rate of 4 in 1. How do we reach that goal? The first step is Catch & Release. The next step is proper stocking and feeding. The third step is good water quality. The final step is education and bring the beginner and novice fisherman into the ranks of experienced anglers. The staff from Kyle's PARD and the TPWD are working together to meet all 4 steps and reach our shared goal.

Stop by the office on your way out and let us know what you caught, where you caught them and what you were using. We will post the "secrets" right here so no one else will know.

If we had to give you a place and technique that works best right now, try this. Go weedless with a long plastic worm with bright tail at the end of a light weight slip shot. Cast with the wind behind you anywhere between the amphitheater and the pier. Cast out deep, use heavy wrist action on the worm to make it full of life, BUT retrieve slow. Our bass like to "slow dance" with bait, so reel slow, stay near the bottom and use twitching action.

Increase your catch-rate by picking up a bag of fish feed from the office. It's the same feed that is in the feeder. Toss the feed in the area you plan to fish.

Effective September 1, 2014, Lake Kyle is a Catch & Release lake. TPWD regulations found at this link, click here.


Current Lake Conditions

The lake is holding at 100% full. It is more than a half a mile to walk all the way around the lake and fishing from the bank is accessible all the way around at this time.

revised March 9, 2016

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