Lake Kyle Nature Trails

Lake Kyle Nature Trails

There are four Nature Trails using four different types of surfaces totaling over 4 miles at Lake Kyle. This means there is a little something for everyone. These trails have colored trail post markers keeping you on track. Bring your hiking boots, cross-country shoes, mountain bike, walking stick and bottle of water and give them a try. Click on the attached map to print out map of trails.

Orange Trail

The Lake Kyle Orange Trail measures 1.4 miles* from the Parks Office and one complete loop. Marked with orange trail post markers, this trail will take you through the nature preserve, across a creek, ford the lake and across the side of the dam. You will be on three types of trail surfaces: mulch, natural cut grass and crushed granite. During wet ground conditions, alternative routes may need to be used. Extra trails have been cut throughout the nature preserve so you get "up close and personal" to the flora and fauna.

Green Trail

The Green Trail measures 0.75 mile* in a loop beginning at the Parks Office. Marked with green trail post markers, this trail takes you around the Lake Kyle Amphitheater, along the north shore's fishing nooks #1 and #2, next to the fishing pier and back to the wild flower meadow. Staying on the loop adds another 0.5 mile for each trip. This trail uses three trail surfaces: cement, mulch and crushed granite.

Blue Trail

The Blue Trail measures 0.5 mile* in a loop beginning at the Parks Office. Marked with blue trail post markers, this trail keeps you on the cement trail from the office to the lake, then brings you back passing the fishing pier on a mulch and crushed granite trail. In wet conditions stay on the cement trail to the pier and back and still get in 0.5 mile.


Cross Country Trail (Yellow Trail)

The Lake Kyle Cross Country Trail is a looped trail suitable for competitive school and recreational public use. This trail, marked with yellow trail post markers, measures 1.5* miles with the start and finish lines, or add another 1.3* miles with each additional loop.

*Approximate distance


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Lake Kyle Nature Trails