Lake Kyle Rules

Great Blue Heron of Lake Kyle


Due to the October 2015 storm events, portions of this park are closed until further notice. For a complete list of sections closed, please go to

We will update these webpages and Facebook when these affected areas are once again opened.


Lake Kyle is a managed conservation preserve. These rules and regulations are adopted by ordinance to protect and preserve Lake Kyle for future generations:

City of Kyle Code of Ordinances, Chapter 26

All adopted rules and regulations in Chapter 26 plus:

(1) Lake Kyle Park is open to the public during posted hours, which hours shall be set by the Parks Director and are subject to seasonal changes. Lake Kyle Park is closed to the public when the main access gate from Lehman Rd is closed. Click here for hours of operation.

(2) A person’s presence in Lake Kyle Park when the park is closed constitutes criminal trespassing unless the person has obtained a permit to be present in the park while it is closed.

(3) No outside pets or animals, except registered service animals, are permitted within the boundaries of Lake Kyle Park.

(4) No smoking is permitted in Lake Kyle Park.

(5) No alcohol is permitted in Lake Kyle Park.

(6) No swimming is permitted in Lake Kyle Park.

(7) No hunting is permitted in Lake Kyle Park without a hunting permit obtained from Parks Department and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) or US Fish & Wildlife.

(8) No overnight parking or camping is permitted in Lake Kyle Park without first obtaining a permit from the Parks Department.

(9) No personal watercraft, with or without motors, is permitted on Lake Kyle Park without first obtaining a permit from the Parks Department.

(10) No fishing is permitted in Lake Kyle Park without first obtaining a valid Texas Parks & Wildlife Department freshwater fishing license, which license must be available for display to a City official or TPWD Official upon request. Exceptions and exemptions to this rule will be the same exceptions and exemptions permitted and allowed by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

(11) All Texas Parks & Wildlife Department rules and regulations governing Community Fishing Lakes, as amended from time to time, will be enforced in Lake Kyle Park. Some of these current rules are:

  • Fishing is by pole and line only.
  • Anglers may use no more than two poles while fishing.
  • Effective September 1, 2014, Lake Kyle is a Catch & Release lake. TPWD regulations found at this link, click here. BE A GOOD SPORT AND PRACTICE CPR WHEN YOU GET A FISH ON. CATCH, PHOTO, RELEASE!

Lake Kyle is considered a "Non-Contact" Recreational Use body of water. The quality of the water is not regularly tested and park users are encouraged to wash hands after being in contact with water, fish and fishing equipment. Consumption of fish caught in Lake Kyle is not recommended.

Map to Lake Kyle
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