LED Marquee

Kyle LED Marquee

The City of Kyle (“city”) marquee has the purpose of communicating announcements, activities, events and programs to those passing by them. A recent traffic study reported that approximately 12,000 vehicles pass by this marquee daily. That equates to more than 4 million people a year drive by the marquee.

The LED electronic marquee located adjacent to Center Street within Mary Kyle Hartson City Square Park is maintained and operated by the Kyle Parks and Recreation Department (“Kyle PARD”).

The Kyle PARD will prepare, schedule and post all messages on this marquee. Additionally, the Director of Information & Technology and Director of Community Development will have the ability to prepare, schedule and post messages.

This policy and application process is adopted for all non-city department messages.

The following type of organizations may apply for placing messages on the marquee:

  • City of Kyle government and other government agencies located in Hays County;
  • Civic and civic improvement organizations located in the city;
  • Community service organizations located in the city;
  • Non-profit organizations that submit copy of IRS form 501c3 located in the city;
  • Schools located in the city;
  • Organizations located in the city that are sponsoring youth activities, public health activities and matters related to safety; and
  • Other similar organizations approved by the Director of Parks and Recreation, Director of Communications or City Manager.

Messages will not be accepted from the following type of organizations:

  • Businesses or commercial announcements, promotions or messages;
  • Campaign or political announcements or messages other than date, time or location for general or special election;
  • Religious institutions and organizations which promote the institution or organization or religious services, religious affairs or religious messages. However, subject to conditions of approval, religious institutions and organizations may place messages announcing charity events, fund raising events, community service events and similar activities providing that all events are of a non-religious nature and are open to all members of the general public.


  • A Marquee Message Application must be submitted via email no more than sixty (60) days prior to posting date and no less than fourteen (14) days prior to posting date;
  • As many as twenty (20) messages may be scheduled for any given day. City messages will have first priority and all other requests will be on a first-come basis;
  • A message shall have no more than two (2) images or logos and no more than five (5) message labels. Messages and logo’s may be edited or deleted at the discretion of city staff based on quality and/or content;
  • A message shall not exceed four (4) seconds of display per label or twenty (20) seconds total;
  • Messages will be static and contrast in colors with maximum font size possible. Entrance and exit effects will be default unless altered by city staff inputting message;
  • Panel is approximately 4’ tall and 8’ wide. The maximum number of characters spaces on the smallest font is 26 across and 8 rows. This includes letters, spaces, punctuation and numbers. The largest font allows 6 across and 1 row. Images can be full panel, left hand side or cropped to fit as best as possible, but may be distorted if stretched out of shape.
  • Applicant may review message prior to scheduling of message. Once message is scheduled, alterations, corrections and changes will depend on staff’s ability to make those changes in a timely manner;
  • The City of Kyle does not guarantee quality of appearance or effectiveness of the message;
  • Messages will have a maximum of fourteen (14) days of run time, number of displays per hour depending on total number of messages scheduled for that day and approved messages will be scheduled to run during the day (sunrise to sunset);
  • Complete applications will be processed on a first-received basis and processed at staff’s ability to process, create and schedule messages. Not all applications will be processed same day as received;
  • If an individual or an organization’s application to place a message on the marquee is denied, the Marquee Message Application appeal process will first go to the Parks and Recreation Committee who will review and make a recommendation. If individual or organization is still not satisfied, the appeal may go before the Kyle City Council.


Adopted by Kyle City Council June 4, 2013