Parks Committee

The Parks Committee shall function in an advisory capacity only to the council, and in such advisory capacity shall have the responsibilities and duties set forth in subsection 2-102(b), as well as any other functions and duties assigned by council. The Parks Committee shall report to the council once each quarter following the committee's quarterly meeting.

General duties. To provide the parks and recreation director with advice and recommendations on all policies, rules, and regulations relating to public parks and recreation programs. The parks and recreation committee may act as a public forum for citizens to address concerns over city parks and recreation activities. The parks and recreation committee shall provide advisory oversight of public playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation centers and other facilities and activities on property owned or controlled by the city and designated as a public park, or on other properties with the consent of the owners and authorities thereof. It shall have the responsibility to recommend any form of recreation activity that will employ the leisure time of the people in a constructive and wholesome manner. The parks and recreation committee shall assist the city council as needed or requested. Under certain circumstances and when deemed appropriate by the city manager and/or parks and recreation director, the parks and recreation committee may review requests for permits and make a recommendation relative to said requests for use and/or reservation of city parks or city park facilities.

Master plan. The parks and recreation committee is to recommend a comprehensive plan that shall address the city's park and recreation needs as a whole and each park within the system individually and present said plan to the city council for approval. In the development of the master plan, the parks and recreation committee shall employ all reasonable means to solicit input from the general public, including but not limited to the formation of a citizen advisory committee appointed by the mayor and council. Once approved by the city council, the master plan may not be altered without the formal consent of the council. The parks and recreation committee, through the parks and recreation director, is to present annual reports on the status of each park, and the master plan as a whole, on an annual basis.

Gifts and donations. The parks and recreation committee is authorized to solicit gifts and bequests of money or other personal property, or donations to be applied, principle or income, for either temporary or permanent use for playgrounds or other recreational purposes. All such gifts and bequests shall be made and received directly by the city and placed in a special account or fund established for such purposes.

Cooperation with other agencies. The parks and recreation committee, working through the parks and recreation director, is authorized to work jointly with the other city departments and, upon approval of an agreement by the city council, with other political subdivisions to provide and establish, operate, conduct, and maintain a supervised recreation system and to acquire, operate, improve, and maintain property, both real and personal, for parks, playgrounds, recreation centers and other recreation facilities and activities. The parks and recreation committee is authorized to work and cooperate with local little league, soccer, softball and similar organizations with respect to the establishment and scheduling of leagues and activities.

Parks Committee Meetings. Generally the last Monday of each month, the Parks Committee meet in the Minerva Falcon Room of Kyle City Hall. The next scheduled meeting can be found on the left side of this page in the section "Upcoming Meetings"

Park & Recreation Committee Members

At Large Seats - Angie Cross, Stephanie Pool, Mike Fulton and Jason Barkdull

District Seats - (2) Jim Hough, (4) Vacant (6) Laddie Bordovsky

Alternate - Scott Stoker

City Council Liaison - Mayor Todd Webster

Staff Liaison - Kerry Urbanowicz, Director of Kyle PARD