Plum Creek Preserve's Nature Trail

Waterleaf Trail

The Plum Creek Preserve's Nature Trail located on the east side of IH-35 and running along the Plum Creek, is currently under construction. Kyle Park Staff is building this nature trail on both sides of Plum Creek with trail-heads accessing the trail at many locations. 

Current trail construction began May 2, 2011 on the far eastern stretch of the trail, within Waterleaf Park. There will be many trail-heads within Waterleaf to access the trail. There will be many miles of trails along Plum Creek for walkers, hikers, cross-country runners and mountain-bikers. The Nature Trail surface is natural surface with no foreign materials brought in.

Extreme caution while on the trail and nature is everywhere. Nature includes snakes, spiders, wild animals, poison ivy, slippery surfaces, loose rocks and other natural dangers.

Maps and signs will be available and posted here when they get produced. You are experiencing the beginning of something very special. When complete, the trail will connect all the subdivisions that back up to Plum Creek with each other, along with Linebarger Lake and Lake Kyle.

Access points will be within the areas bounded by Lehman Road on the west, Bunton Road on the north, FM-150 East on the south and city of Uhland on the east.

Kyle PARD Staff and Committee has been planning this trail since 1999, so please be patient with the construction process. We hope to have the entire trail, trail-heads, maps, signs, parking, restrooms and other trail features substantially complete by 2015.

Support the Plum Creek Preserve's Nature Trail by using it as we build it and encouraging funding to keep developing it.

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Plum Creek Preserve & Nature Trail
Plum Creek Nature Trail
Plum Creek Nature Trail
Plum Creek Nature Trail