Pool Rental

Pool Rental

Private Rental of Kyle Pool as Low as $60/hr*

Have your next party at the spacious Kyle Pool.
Your party rental can include swimming during swim season (May - September)
or no swimming (Rest of the Year).

Rates effective October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015

*Non-Swimming Rentals:
Private rental rates for the day after October 1 thru April 30 (with no swimming) are $60/hour* - up to 200 guests.

Swimming Rentals:

*We will begin taking reservations for our Summer Season beginning April 20, 2015*
Private Rental Rates of Kyle Pool with swimming are:
Number of Guest : Rate per Hour
1 - 50 Guests : $75/hour
51 - 75 Guests : $100/hour
76 - 100 Guests : $125/hour
101 - 125 Guests : $150/hour
126 - 150 Guests : $175/hour
151 - 175 Guests : $225/hour
176 - Max Capacity Guests: $250/hour


Times pool parties are available:

Friday 8:30pm -12:00am

Saturday 6:00pm - 12:00am

Sunday 6:00pm - 12:00am


Number of guests MUST be determined and set at least 30 days prior to rental. Guests include all through the gate, swimmers and non-swimmers. Max capacity of Kyle Pool is 245.

A $102.50 deposit is required to make reservation. The deposit is a Clean Up Deposit to ensure facility is returned to pre-event condition. After event, $100 of the clean up deposit will be refunded providing proper clean up.
(Deposit refunded in full if canceled more than 30 days from event, refunded 50% if canceled more than 15 days from event and not refundable if canceled within 14 days of event).


To make a reservation, please call: (512)262-3939.