Co-Ed Kickball Team Registration

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I agree that I am 18 years old or above, or the legal guardian of any child under the age of 18 years old participating in this program or event. I agree that falsification of any information on this information/registration form may disqualify me or my child from this program or event.
In consideration of the acceptance of my or my child's information/registration form for this program or event, I hereby release the CITY OF KYLE, KYLE PARKS and RECREATION DEPARTMENT, and their agents, employees, officers, and servants from any and all damages and injuries which may occur while I or my child participates in this program or event. I further certify that I have legal authority to execute this release on behalf of myself or my child. I also agree that I have received and read this information/registration form completely. I understand that the CITY OF KYLE PARD or program/event staff have the authority to remove participants from the program/event without refund. I agree the CITY OF KYLE may use photographs of me or my child to promote City of Kyle Parks and Recreation Department programs and events. I agree that I have given my authorization for myself or my child to receive medical attention in case of injury or an emergency.

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