Large Print Books from Central Texas Library    
  Author Title Genre
  Abraham, Ken The Prodigal Project Fic
  Adams, Clifton The Last Days of Wolf Garnett Wes
  Adams, Clifton The Last Days of Wolf Garnett Wes
  Adamson, Lydia Dr. Nightingale Comes Home Mys
  Allen, Charlotte Vale Mood Indigo Mys
  Anderson, Catherine Comanche Heart Rom
  Andrews, V.C. Scattered Leaves Fic
  Andrews, Donna Cockatiels at Seven Mys
  Ballard, Todhunter The Night Riders Wes
  Balogh, Mary Simply Unforgettable Rom
  Barton Wayne & Williams, Stan Manhunt Wes
  Bell, Robert Stranger in Dodge Wes
  Binchy, Maeve Silver Wedding Fic
  Bloom, Elizabeth See Isabelle Run Mys
  Bly, Stephen Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing Wes
  Bly, Stephen Code of the West Wes
  Bly, Stephen Hidden Treasure Wes
  Bonham, Frank Bold Passage Wes
  Boyd, William Restless Mys
  Boyer, G.G. Dorn Wes
  Brand, Max Don diablo Wes
  Brand, Max Fugitives' Fire Wes
  Brand, Max The Bells of San Carlos and other stories Wes
  Brand, Max Smiling Desparado Wes
  Brand, Max Shotgun Law Wes
  Brand, Max Torture Trail Wes
  Brand, Max Western Tommy Wes
  Brand, Max Dead or Alive Wes
  Brand, Max Danger Trail Wes
  Brand, Max The Bandit of the Black Hills Wes
  Brand, Max The Welding Quirt Wes
  Brandvold, Peter Once Upon A Dead Man Wes
  Braun, Matthew El Paso Wes
  Brock, Stuart Forbidden Range Wes
  Brown, Dan The DaVinci Code Sus
  Brown, Rosellen Half a Heart Fic
  Burke, James Lee Two For Texas Wes
  Burke, James Lee Two For Texas Wes
  Busbee, Shirlee Coming Home Rom
  Cameron, Stella Glass Houses Rom
  Charles, Nora Death is a Bargain Mys
  Cheshire, Giff Edge of the Desert Wes
  Coelho, Paulo The Alchemist Fic
  Colleen, L. Reece Frontiers: Flower of the West Rom
  Cook, Robin Crisis Fic
  Cook, Will Apache Ambush Wes
  Cord, Barry Trail Boss From Texas Wes
  Cord, Barry Trail Boss From Texas Wes
  Cotton, Ralph W. Powder River Wes
  Crichton, Michael The Andromeda Strain Sci
  Cunningham, eugene Riding Gun Wes
  Dallas, Sandra Alice's Tulips Hfi
  Delinsky, Barbara Three Wishes Rom
  Dengler, Sandy The Comatose Cat Mys
  Deveraux, Jude Legend Rom
  Doyle, Arthur Conan The Hound of the Baskervilles Mys
  Eastleman, Loren D. Black Powder, White Smoke Wes
  Estleman, Loren D. The Rocky Mountain Moving Picture Association, yes Wes
  Estleman, Loren D. This Old Bill Wes
  Evanovich, Janet Manhunt Rom
  Evanovich, Janet Eleven on Top Mys
  Fielding, Joy The Other Woman Rom
  Fraser, Anthea The Macbeth Prophecy Sus
  Golden, Arthur Memoirs of a Geisha Fic
  Gorman, Ed Lawless Wes
  Gorman, Ed Wolf Moon Wes
  Grafton, Sue B' is for Burglar Mys
  Grey, Zane Code of the West Wes
  Grisham, John The Summons Mys
  Grove, Fred Deception Trail Wes
  Harrison, Kathryn The Binding Chair Hfi
  Henry, Will Yellow Hair Wes
  Henry, Will Yellow Hair Wes
  Hess, Joan Mys
  Hill, Grace Livingston The Man of the Desert Rom
  Hitchcock, Jane Stanton Mortal Friends Mys
  Hogan, Ray The Renegade Gun Wes
  Hogan, Ray The Raptors Wes
  Hogan, Ray Rebel in Yankee Blue Wes
  Howard, Linda Drop Dead Gorgeous Mys
  Huffaker, Clair Posse From Hell Wes
  Johansen, Iris Blood Game Mys
  Jones, Robert F. Tie My Bones to Her Back Wes
  Judd, Cameron Timber Creek Wes
  Kahn, Sharon Hold the Cream Cheese, Kill the Lox Mys
  Kellerman, Faye Straight into Darkness Mys
  Kellerman, Jonathan & Faye Capital Crimes Mys
  Kerley, Jack A Garden of Vipers Mys
  Kerley, Jack A Garden of Vipers Mys
  Koontz, Dean The House of Thunder Sus
  L'Amour, Louis End of the Drive Wes
  L'Amour, Louis Lando Wes
  Leonard, Elmore Forty Lashes Less One Wes
  Leonard, Elmore Hombre Wes
  Leonard, Elmore Be Cool Cri
  Levine, Paul Solomon vs. Lord Mys
  MacDonald, William Colt Boomtown Buccaneers Wes
  MacDonald, William Colt Powdersmoke Range Wes
  Martin Jay, Larry The Benicia Belle Wes
  Matheson, Richard Jourjnal of the Gun Years Wes
  McFadden, Mary Ann So Happy Together Fic
  McMurtry, Larry Comanche Moon Wes
  McNaught, Judith Double Standards Rom
  Meszaros, V.S. Dead Man's Money Wes
  Michaels, Kasey This Can't Be Love Rom
  Montague, Jeanne Lady Cavalier Rom
  Neggers, Carla Cold Pursuit Sus
  Nesbitt, John Twin Rivers Wes
  Newton, D.B. Ambush Reckinong Wes
  Packer, Ann The Dive From Clausen's Pier Fic
  Paine, Lauran The Horseman Wes
  Paine, Lauran The Undertaker Wes
  Paine, Lauran Cache Canon Wes
  Palmer, Catherine Love's Haven Rom
  Palmer, Diana The Morcai Battalion Sfi
  Panagiotopoulos, Melanie To Florence with Love Rom
  Parker, Robert B. Gunman's Rhapsody Wes
  Patten, Lewis B. Posse From Poison Creek Wes
  Patten, Lewis B. Law of the Gun Wes
  Paulsen, Gary & Burks, Brian Murphy's Trail Wes
  Pronzini, Bill Firewind Wes
  Pronzini, Bill The Gallows Land Wes
  Putney, Maryjo The Diabolical Baron Rom
  Quick, Amanda I Thee Wed Rom
  Ramus, David Thief of Light Cri
  Reasoner, James Stark's Justice Wes
  Richard, Cole Firewater Wes
  Roderus, Frank Left to Die Wes
  Ross, Dana fuller Oregon Legacy Wes
  Ross, Dana fuller Outpost Wes
  Sanders, Lawrence McNally's Dilemma Mys
  Savage, Les Outlaw Thickets Wes
  Shayne, Maggie Angel's Pain Rom
  Short, Luke Desert Crossing Wes
  Short, Luke Play a Lone Hand Wes
  Sprinkle, Patricia Daughter of Deceit Mys
  Thoene, Brock & Bodie Shooting Star Wes
  Trobaugh Augusta Fic
  Ward, Jonas Buchanan's War Wes
  Wheeler, Richard S. The Rocky Mountain Company Wes
  Wheller, Richard S. Going Home Wes
  Wiggs, Susan Lakeside Cottage Rom