City of Kyle Solid Waste Collection Information

Expanded service from Texas Disposal Systems includes more recycling options as well as annual bulky and brush pick-up

City of Kyle trash customers living in single-family homes have a new collection system for keeping trash out of the landfill through curbside single-stream recycling and compost service from Texas Disposal Systems (TDS).

The expanded service follows a successful pilot program in some Kyle neighborhoods. Recycling will now be collected as a single-stream, mixing all accepted recyclables together in one cart and compostable materials in another cart - each cart being collected every other week. Trash will continue to be collected weekly.

Kyle is the first community in Central Texas to provide curbside service for both Single Stream Recycling and compost.

Questions regarding the program or request concerning cart delivery can be directed to TDS Customer Care at 1-800-375-8375.

Single Stream Recycling

The expanded list of acceptable materials allows customers to put all their recyclables, unsorted, into the larger cart.

Paper: including junk mail, newspapers, magazine
Cardboard: including cereal boxes, shipping boxes, shoe boxes
Containers: EMPTY containers made of plastic, metal, aluminum and glass, including bottles and cans.


Yard Debris: including grass clippings, tree and shrub limbs
Soiled Paper and Cardboard: including pizza boxes, paper towels, napkins
NOTE: Please do not push compost items into plastic bags. 

Bulky and Brush Pick-Up
Another part of the expanded residential service is large bulk and brush collection. Kyle residents can contact TDS once per year to have items such as furniture, appliances or bundled brush of up to 3 cubic yards (approximately the size of a washer and dryer) picked up at no additional charge.

Household Hazardous Waste, such as paint, yard chemicals and cleaners, can be taken to the San Marcos Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Visit their web site for a complete list of materials accepted, location and hours of operation.

Recyclables are taken to TDS’ new materials recycling facility (MRF) just north of Kyle in Creedmoor where the materials are separated, processed and sent to market. Additionally, TDS has a compost operation where the material picked up from homes is turned into compost, soils and other products that are sold in Garden-Ville and other retail stores and used by gardeners throughout Central Texas.

Items recycled at the facility create an environmental benefit because recycling materials such as paper, glass, and metal helps protect valuable natural resources, save energy, promote clean air and water, and conserve landfill space.

For more information on the new program and to view informational videos for Single Stream Recycling and compost service, visit , or call TDS Customer Care at 1-800-375-8375.