Take Time to Recycle Right This Holiday Season


Even though it is the season of giving, let's not be giving a bunch of trash to the landfill. Most of your holiday trash can be recycled. Here are some pointers on what can be recycled.

Here are some simple rules for using our program. If you have questions, look on the lid of your containers for instruction or download the fliers at the bottom of this page.

Recycling materials:

  • Paper: including junk mail, newspapers, magazine
  • Cardboard: including cereal boxes, shipping boxes, shoe boxes
  • Containers: EMPTY containers made of plastic, metal, aluminum and glass, including bottles and cans.

Compost Materials

  • Yard Debris: including grass clippings, tree and shrub limbs
  • Soiled Paper and Cardboard: including pizza boxes, paper towels, napkins

The City of Kyle contracts with Texas Disposal Systems to offer a comprehensive solid waste program that provides each customer with the opportunity to reduce garbage by recycling paper, most containers, yard debris, and other compostable materials. It is important to recycle right to be sure that recycling and composting material is not contaminate with garbage. Putting garbage in the recycling or compost containers could send that material to the landfill and end up costing us all more in the future.

Visit our web page for more information on our Solid Waste Programs.