Water Use & Restriction Information

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Continuing Water Use Management Now In Effect

Although there are no restrictions under the Continuing Water Use Management rules in the City’s Water Management Ordinance, Kyle residents are asked to follow a few simple rules to help continue to conserve Kyle's water and reduce monthly water bills:

• Regularly check for leaks, including broken sprinkler heads, leaking valves, leaking or broken pipes, or leaking faucets. 

• Do not operate an irrigation system with:

o a broken head

o a head that is out of adjustment where the arc of the spray head is over a street or parking lot

o a head that is misting due to high water pressure

Don't allow water to run off property such that there is a trail of water running in the street for a distance of 50 feet or greater

Don’t allow water to pond in the street or parking lot to a depth greater than 1⁄4 inch.