Forms, Permits, and Applications

Title Department Download
Kyle Public Library Board Application Library
Mass Gathering Permit Police
Narcotics Information Tips Police
Open Records Request - Electronic Submission Administration
Open Records Request Form Building
Parks and Recreation Board Application Council
Peddler's/Vendor's/Solicitor's Permit Application Building
Permit Extension Request - Electronic Submission Building
Permit Extension Request Form Building
Preliminary Plan Application and Check List Planning
Public Improvement District Policy (PID) Planning
Records Request Police
Report a Spill, Illicit Discharge and Illegal Dumping City Engineer
Science Discovery Library
Short Form Final Plat - Replat Application and Check List Planning
Sign Control Board Application Building
Sign Permit Application Building
Site Development Permit Application and Check List Planning
Site Development Plan Permit Extension Planning
Subdivision Construction Plan and Utility Plan Application and Check List Planning
Suggestion for Purchase Library
Teen Thursdays Library
Traffic Complaint Form Police
Traffic Impact Analysis Requirements Planning
Train Depot Board Application Council