Understanding Your Bill

We understand that there is a lot of information on your monthly utility bill and that there may be some confusion about how your bill is calculated.  The information on this page should help you understand your bill and hopefully clear up some of that confusion.

You'll notice that there are separate charges for water, wastewater and garbage. Your water and wastewater bills each have monthly minimum usage charges that pay for the administrative costs of these services.  The garbage fee also has an associated administrative fee.




1. Customer Name and Mailing Address:
This is the name and address for recipient of bill; May be different than the Service Address.

2. Account Information:
This is where you find your Account Number, Service Address, Billing Date, and dates of service. Refer to this section should you need to contact our Utility Billing Department with questions.

3. Due Date:
Date the “Current Charges” are due to avoid receiving “Delinquency Notice”.

4. Current Charges:
Description of charges including, water, waste water, and refuse (trash) for services incurred in “Service From” dates listed in Section 2 above.  The following are listed on your bill:

  • Water Minimum Charge of $33.23 
  • Water Usage Charge,
  • WW Minimum Charge of $17.99 
  • Wastewater Service Charge,
  • Refuse,
  • Refuse Franchise Fee  
  • Refuse Admin Fee 

5. Total Due:
This is the total amount due on the account for services rendered as described in Section 3 above.

6. Usage History Graph:
This section will allow you to see your usage in graphical form of past billing cycles.
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7. Special Message:
Important messages about your account, utility activities, and/or general information regarding City Wide news will appear here.

8. Payment Coupon:
Please tear off and remit this coupon with your payment in the envelope provided if mailing in payment via USPS or paying in person.

9. Remit Address:
When sending payment, this address must appear through the window of the return envelope.