Food Trucks Owners

Food Truck / Trailer Owners Wanting to set up in City of Kyle Parks


Food Truck Owners On-line Permit Application


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the current guidelines to set up a Food Truck/Trailer in a City Park in Kyle?


  • Application – Food truck/trailer operator/owner must complete application for permit:
    • Each truck/trailer must complete an application
    • Each application must submit the fee
    • Must include contact information of owner/operator
    • Must include copy of valid food truck/trailer operating certificate issued by city or county in Texas
    • Form may be amended from time to time
  • Fee – Fee must be received to obtain permit. Current monthly fee is $50 and subject to change after September 30, 2013.
  • Permit -
    • For entire calendar month immediately following date of issuance.
    • Permit must be displayed in front passenger-side of windshield of truck or window of trailer visible to all
    • All Food Trucks/Trailers will follow the City of Kyle’s Food Truck Operating Ordinance even if they are operating under an operating certificate from another jurisdiction.
  • City of Kyle's Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance #629 is attached in the "Supporting Documents" section at the bottom of this page

     Location & Hours

  • Food Truck/Trailer must operate wholly within the boundaries of one of these city parks:
  • Based on some special events, there may be locations and dates blocked out for set up. These will be announced at time of permitting.
  • Hours of operation may be from 7a – 11p any day of the week
  • No food truck/trailer may be in a city park before 6a or after midnight.
  • Power generators shall be quiet with less than 90 decibel rating

     Notification & Advertising

  • Prior to arrival, owner/operator shall notify Parks Office of time and location of set up.
  • Failure to notify Parks Office before arrival may be cause for revocation of permit.
  • Signs may not be placed more than 20’ away from truck/trailer

     Revocation of Permit

  • A permit may be revoked for, but not limited to, these reasons:
    • Falsified information of application
    • Failure to properly display permit
    • Leaving park without cleaning up, or causing damages to the park
    • Payment that was not accepted (bad check or credit card)

How Can I apply for a Permit to set up my Food Truck/Trailer in the Park?

     An on-line application process is available and can be accessed by clicking here.

     Applications may also be submitted, during regular business hours, at the Kyle Parks & Recreation Department Office (map)

Why Do I need to submit a schedule? Why can't I just show up when I want?

     The purpose of the schedule is to promote your arrival with our network, to provide you with special event and programming schedules to maximize your sales and to notify our staff that you will be there.

Does the City of Kyle Parks and Recreation Department provide water, electricity or sewer connections?

     No, the City of Kyle PARD only provides you the space.

If I need more information or have other questions to ask, how can I reach someone?

     Please contact the Kyle PARD at 512.262.3939 or email at