Zoning Verification Letter Request

Zoning Verification Letter Request

The following information is required to process a Zoning Verification Letter:

Written request of information needing verification
Address of property
Legal description and Tax Parcel ID Number(s)
Parcel map with site delineated
Check for $63.42 made payable to City of Kyle.

Requests will not be processed until fee has been received. Please allow 15 business days to complete the request.

The Zoning Verification Letter does not verify compliance with development regulations, parking, or certify legal non-conforming status.

Zoning violations will not be included. To obtain zoning violation information, please contact the Code Enforcement Office at (512) 262-3914.

Copies of Certificates of Occupancy, site plan and/or parking information will not be included. To obtain copies of Certificates of Occupancy, please contact the Building Inspections Department at (512) 262-3911.

Copies of applicable sections of the Zoning Ordinance will not be provided. To view the Zoning Ordinance, please visit the Code of Ordinances on the website under Documents and Reports.

Should you require further assistance, please contact the City of Kyle Planning Department at (512) 262-3959 or (512) 262-3925.


Zoning Verification
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