Advertise in the Park

Banner Ads

Stretch your advertising dollars even farther by having a banner placed on a fence in Gregg-Clarke Park.

With over 2,000,000 folks driving by each year, the Kyle Softball Fields at Gregg-Clarke Park could be your next billboard. Located across Gregg Drive from Kyle Post Office, your business can advertise for pennies a day. The Post Office generates traffic each and every day as folks check their boxes, purchase stamps or drop off their mail. Wallace Middle School parents, teachers and visitors keep traffic along Gregg Drive buzzing. Programs, activities and events at the park provide many participants and potential customers. And folks driving on FM-150 West are traveling slow enough to read and recognize your sign. Field #5 is located at the corner of Rebel Rd (FM 150 West) and Gregg Dr.

You Provide The Sign, We Provide The Space

Additionally, proceeds from this program benefit the activities and special events sponsored by the Kyle Parks and Recreation Department.

Now Available!

Banners may be placed on the fences of the new Gregg-Clarke Sports Complex at rates lower than Field # 5.

Rates and Information are effective through September 30, 2013.
Current Rates:

Fields #1 - #4 (Sports Complex)

$5/Square Foot (w/ minimum of $100) Annual

Field # 5 (next to Post Office)

$10/Square Foot (w/ minimum of $200) Annual

Score Board Field # 5

$480 (4' tall x 8' wide) Annual

Copy of Agreement is attached below

All signs are the responsibility of the business, not the Kyle PARD. If the signs are damaged, vandalized, torn or destroyed by causes beyond our control, we will gladly install new signs at no charge. However, all signs are delivered to the Kyle PARD Staff. Kyle PARD does not produce or make signs.

All text and images on signs must be in good taste, as determined by the Kyle Parks Committee and Parks Director.