Pool Rules

Pool Rules

Kyle Pool Rules

Ordinance #461, Article III, Section 20. Pool Rules.

•Children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or competent person at least 18 years of age.
•Swimmers must wear proper attire; i.e. swimming suits or trunks. Diapers are not permitted in the pool. A clean tee shirt may be worn over proper swim attire.
•No running, fast walking, horseplay, or rough play allowed in the pool complex. No pushing, throwing, dunking, splashing, riding on shoulders, chicken fighting or any games or actions that may endanger swimmers or sunbathers.
•Admission to the pool may be denied for any of these reasons:
•When an individual is apparently unable to care for themselves,
•Evidence of contagious disease,
•Open sores, wounds or runny nose,
•Excessively brief or revealing swim suits,
•Any condition or evidence, which in the opinion of the manager will jeopardize the health and safety of the pool patrons or general public.
•Pool managers may eject persons from pool area for cause. In serious cases of misconduct, the PARD Director or City of Kyle Police should be called. In cases involving small children, the parents will be informed. No refunds of entry fee.
•Enforcement of rules:
◦First offense - rule is explained and warning issued;
◦Second offense - rule is explained and 1 hour “time out” enforced;
◦Third offense - person must leave for the day. No refund of entry fee.
•No loitering around cashiers, lifeguards on duty, or lifeguard stands. No one, except 1 lifeguard, allowed on or near lifeguard stand.
•The slides may be used only if user meets the height and weight requirements. Position to be maintained while going down slide is lying flat on back, feet first, arms crossed over chest and feet crossed. Sunglasses must be removed before using the slides. Parents may not ride on slide with child on lap. Only one person at a time on slide, steps or platform. Sliders should immediately swim to nearest ladder or away from slide area. No swimmers allowed in area of pool near slides.
•State Health Code requires that all guests must shower before entering the pool.
•Swimmers are not to hang or pull on lifelines, ropes, nets or rims. Mistreatment or abuse of pool property or other patron’s personal property will not be tolerated. No swinging on ladders, playing on or near the ladders and no jumping off of ladders.
•No flips, somersaults, twists, or belly flops allowed. Jump into pool facing forward and feet first only.
•Abusive or profane language will not be tolerated.
•Facemasks and goggles are permitted provided they are properly used and have non-breakable lens. Facemasks and goggles are not permitted on the slides.
•No glass containers allowed in pool complex.
•No out side drinks or food permitted. No ice chests allowed in pool complex. (Only exception is private rentals)This rule will not be enforced during the 2017 season as there will not be concession sales in 2013
•Smoking or tobacco use of any type is not allowed in pool complex.
•No alcohol, in any form, is allowed in pool complex.
•The City of Kyle is not responsible for personal belongings. Please do not bring valuables to pool complex. Locks left on pool lockers at end of day will be removed.
•The lifeguard(s) on duty is ALWAYS in charge.
•Children 5 years and younger must be within arm’s reach of an adult while in water.
•No animals will be allowed in the pool complex.
•The pool will be closed for thunderstorms at first sign of lightning or thunder. The pool will re-open 30 minutes after last thunder is heard.
•Only US Coast Guard approved flotation devices will be allowed in the facility. Items such as water wings and arm floaties will not be allowed. 

Water toys such as inflatable beach balls, sponge balls, squirt guns, noodles or other pool toys are allowed in the pool during un-crowded conditions and at the manager’s discretion.

•Any and all injuries occurring within the pool complex must be reported to the manager on duty immediately. Accident/Incident reports must be filled out and turned in to the PARD Director daily.
•All infants and toddlers not potty trained will be required to wear swim diapers.
•Upon entry, every person will give their name, city of residence and phone number, even non-swimmers and sunbathers.
•A 10-minute safety break each hour. At 10 minutes before the hour, each hour, all swimmers must get out of pool. This break is for the water quality to be checked, lifeguards to take a break and swimmers to take a break. The only ones allowed in pool during this break are adults in the swim lanes, swimming laps only.
•Anyone age 18 and older may not supervise more than five children age six to twelve in addition to their own dependents.
•A person who supervises children for an agency, day care facility, or camp at a City Aquatic Facility must first obtain the following certifications through a nationally recognized organization (such as American Red Cross or American Heart Association):
◦Basic Water Rescue with water module;
◦Child and Adult Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation; and
◦Standard First Aid