Golf Cart Ordinance

City of Kyle Texas Official Website

The ordinance was recently drafted due to a high level of concerns for golf cart occupant safety as well as pedestrians in neighborhoods and downtown Kyle.

Golf carts that are operated other than on a golf course are required to display a silver and orange permit.  Starting May 8, 2014, owners may apply for a permit at the Kyle Police Department, 111 North Front Street, between 8:00am through 5:00pm on Monday through Fridays.  The permit is a onetime purchase of $20, that only needs reapplication upon ownership change.

Ordinance at a Glance:

- Golf cart operators must abide by all traffic laws and may not operate or park on sidewalks.

- Golf cart must be equipped with: operational headlamps, operational tail lamps, side reflectors, operational parking brake and rearview mirror(s).

- Golf carts may not pull any object or person.

- Golf carts must be insured.

- Operator must possess a physical and valid driver’s license or permit while operating golf cart.

- Golf cart must display Kyle Police Department issued permit on front or back exterior of the golf cart, in a location viewable from fifty feet.

- Seating capacity may not be exceeded from manufactured intention.

- Occupants shall remain seated and be three years of age or older.

- Use standard hand signals for turning if golf cart not equipped with turn signal.


To assist applicants who have a difficulty in making it to the office at the Police Department during business hours, mobile registration will be set up at events in the up coming months, check this page soon for updates.